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While Greg has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and a graduate MBA, his passion is cooking.  His experience encompasses many arenas of the food industry.  From a beginning in the cafeteria business with Luby’s, moving to bar and full service restaurants with the Tinsley Dinner House Group and then to Vice President position with MACCO Restaurants  operating several fast food franchises, a steak house and a cafeteria.  Later he served as Director of Operations for a franchisee owning a group of McDonald’s locations and then was Managing Partner of the casual dining restaurant, Zowarka’s Texas Grill and Chili Parlor.  In addition to his extensive self training, he graduated from the Luby’s Cafeteria Training School and  completed the McDonald’s Corporate Training program, attaining the highest honors in the Houston Region’s four prerequisite courses and placing 3rd in the National Training Class at Hamburger University at the McDonald’s Headquarters in Chicago, IL. More recently Greg has attended classes at the New Orleans Cooking School, The Taos Cooking Studio and Crescent City Cooking School.  He has taught cooking classes at the Cooking Depot in Cuero, Texas, does a monthly cooking show at Dick's Food Store in Victoria, Texas and is the author “No Fear Cooking” a cookbook available on He has served as a Certified Instructor of the Texas Department of Health Food Safety Certification Program, consulted for numerous restaurant organizations and been a guest judge at BBQ and Chili Cook-off’s. 

Chef Greg's Bio

Chef  J. Gregory Zowarka

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