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What we do...



Whether you want an intimate dinner for two or a dinner party for a group of friends or associates. Leave the food prep and service to us.  We will come to your home, prepare, serve and cleanup after service; all you have to do is entertain your guests and enjoy your dinner party.  We provide all food and service ware.  We can do table service or set up buffet style, your choice.


Your party can be ethnic themed or simple classic foods, your choice.


Sportsmen, let us design a dinner party with your catch or kill.  We will prepare the bounty with paired sides to let you share your bounty with family and friends.


We will prepare and serve Full Course Meals (or whatever you desire) in your home for your event.  We can also do Brunches or Backyard Pool Parties.



Want to have a cooking class for you and your friends or your organization?  We can do demonstration classes with most any entrée or side you want.  If you want a “hands on” class for a smaller group we can do that too.  Some groups want detailed demonstrations doing the meal from prep to service; others want more of the “food channel” type demo with most of the prep work and cooking pre-done.  We can do the class however you wish and in the timeframe you have available.  If you want a hands on class, we can do that including some or all of your group.  Either way we will show you “how-to’s”, tips, short cuts and kitchen “cheats.”  


Our classes are fun, irreverent and interspersed with stories, tales “from the kitchen” and antidotes.



Prices start at $35 per person($125 minimum).  You let us know your preferences and we will present you menu suggestions or you can build your own menu. 


Call us today to schedule your event at 361.550.4681.

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